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Q:Are Royal Expert products suitable for all ages?

A:We offer scientifically proven skin care solutions for women and men of all ages with varying skin types and conditions. The range is particularly beneficial for difficult skin types such as sun-damaged, ageing and acne-prone skin. Regardless of age, we always recommend that customers seek the advice of a trained skin care professional when deciding what products to include in their skin care program.


Q:Are your products suitable for all skin types?

A:Actually our products have been made to suit all normal skin types.


Q:For how long Royal Expert product been selling in Malaysia?

A:Our product has been selling in Malaysia for more than 6 years. It has been practically proven no side effect and the feedback from our customer is impressively positive


Q:How to apply your product in the most efficient and effective way?

A:It depends on your skin type, living style and outdoor activities involved.

After the research and development, our professional beauty team has made the following recommendation.


Skin type Recommendation
1) Oily skin type:


In The Morning

Sept 1 to apply Royal Expert Skin Whitening Soap follow by

Step 2 to apply Royal Expert Whitening Cream and

Step 3 to apply Royal Expert SPF35 Day Cream


Step 1 to apply Royal Expert skin whitening Soap and Royal Expert Facial Cleaser (for double cleansing) 

Step 2 to apply Royal Expert Whitening Cream




2) Normal to Dry skin type  :


In The Morning

Sept 1 to apply Royal Expert Facial Cleanser follow by

Step 2 to apply Royal Expert Whitening Cream and

Step 3 to apply Royal Expert SPF35 Day Cream


Step 1 to apply Royal Expert skin whitening Soap and 

Step 2 to apply Royal Expert Whitening Cream



3) Sensitive skin type:


In The Morning

Sept 1 to apply Royal Expert Facial Cleanser and

Step 2 to apply Royal Expert Advanced Brightening Cream


Step 1 to apply Royal Expert skin whitening Soap and 

Step 2 to apply Royal Expert Advanced Brightening Cream

(We are selling this at RM161 per set, please visit our product page)





Q:How to use the Royal Expert Skin Whitening Soap?

A:You can use the Royal Expert Skin Whitening Soap to your body and face.





Q:What type of skin is called Sensitive Skin?

A:Thin, delicate, fine pores. Flushes easily, prone to broken capillaries and rashes, and frequently allergic. If sun exposure causes you to first burn, then peel, then tan, it may be an indication of dry or sensitive skin.


Q:What are the properties of Dry Skin?

A:Dry skin usually appears to have fine wrinkles, flaking, red patches, almost invisible pores, and a dull, rough complexion. Dry skin can be caused by genetics, hormonal aging and external factors such as wind and UV radiation. This skin type can be fine and delicate, but dry when exposed to physical elements such as sunburn, burns, cold temperatures, abrasions, and certain medications. When the skin repairs itself after being exposed to these elements, dryness and flaking usually occurs. There are skin conditions which cause the skin to flake and sometimes crack. It feels tight, especially after cleansing.


More severe dry skin may be rough and scaly. The outer skin layer many develop tiny cracks. The pores are almost invisible and the complexion is very dull with red patches. Very dry skin may be caused by genetics, hormonal aging, and extreme external factors such as wind and sun exposure


Q:What are the features of the Oily Skin?

A:In this type of skin, the oil-producing sebaceous glands are overactive and produce more oil than is needed. This type of skin appears as greasy, shiny, thick, or slightly waxy with enlarged pores, and is prone to blackheads and blemishes. Often chronically oily skin has coarse pores and pimples and other blemishes. Touching oily skin may sometimes leave a residue of oil on the fingertips. It is caused by the hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. It may also be caused by puberty or other hormonal imbalances, stress, antibiotics, and exposure to heat or excessive humidity. If your face feels like a puddle of oil an hour after you’ve washed it or makeup disappears by midmorning; if you are at the age of 30 and you are still breaking out like a teenager; then it means that you have oily skin with overactive sebaceous glands.


Q:How could I know whether I have the Combination Skin type?

A:Medium pores, smooth and even texture, good circulation, and healthy color, may tend toward dryness on the cheeks, may be oily in T-Zone. The pores are overly dilated, tend to have blackheads and be shiny in the T-zone. If your skin is oilier on your forehead, nose, and chin than on your cheeks and around your eyes, you have "combination skin. The skin is either overly dry or excessively oily, with occasional roughness on the cheeks. The oiliness and dryness can change, depending on the time of year (skin is usually drier when the weather is cold). Causes of combination skin are an imbalance in the production and distribution of lipids typically due to hormonal and genetic factors.


Q:Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

A:You may feel free to contact us to get detailed information about any product’s ingredient as well as how to use it. Should you have a sensitive skin, we recommend you to get your doctor prescription and recommendation prior to buy or apply any new product.


Q:How long will it take for me to see the result after using your product?

A:It depends on how well your skin condition and how well your skin absorption level is. Approximately it takes 2-3 weeks for you to see the result.


Q:How can I know what type of skin I have?

A:There are certain characteristics of the skin which define the type of skin you have. It is important to remember you are not "locked” into a particular skin type. Many factors can change what you perceive your skin type to be, like aging, smoking or the weather. Estheticians differ in the number of skin types they define. Some will place their patients in one of three categories, while others will have ten or more categories.


Q:What people mean by Normal Skin?

A:Normal skin has an adequate amount of water and lipids, an adequate balance between them, and a moderate sensitivity level. Normal skin is caused by the ideal balance between the rate of sebum production and cellular exchanges. It has barely visible pores and radiant pinkish complexions, with no imperfections. Normal skin is often lumped into the category of combination skin, but it is different. Many Estheticians believe normal skin is an ideal standard which doesn’t actually exist, but we want to attain.


Q:How to use your products?

A:For the best result, you may apply right skin regimen starting with cleansing, exfoliation and cream. Afterward apply SPF cream at day time.





Q:Is Royal Expert products registered with the Biro-Pharmaceutical Malaysia?

A:Yes all Royal Expert products are registered with BPFK.


Q:How effective is Royal Expert products?

A:Using modern day’s technology, RE relaxes your skin and treats it with whitening anti-fungal and anti-wrinkle agents. Restoring your spotless face and giving a natural glow.


Q:What type of products are you selling?

A:We are Only selling the Royal Expert brand products as below: 

1)ROYAL EXPERT Whitening Cream (50ML) RM125
2)ROYAL EXPERT Facial Cleanser(100ML) RM  15
3)ROYAL EXPERT Skin Whitening Soap (100GM) RM  11
4)ROYAL EXPERT Advanced Brightening Cream (50ML) RM135
5)ROYAL EXPERT Aqua Mask (50ML) RM  93
6)ROYAL EXPERT Oxygen Mask (50ML) RM  93
7)ROYAL EXPERT Shaping Cream (50ML) RM  83
8)ROYAL EXPERT Moisturising Lotion (200ML) RM  32
9)ROYAL EXPERT SPF 35 Day Cream (50ML) RM  83
10)ROYAL EXPERT Firm & Enhance Bust Cream (50ML) RM125


To know further about our brand, please feel free to contact us.


Q:How to purchase your products?

A:Our business model is direct order through phone call or internet, therefore you can buy our products from our authorized dropship agent across the country. Should you need detailed information in this respect, please contact us at +6012-8838893 or leave us message via email:


or our social media channels such as Facebook page:



Q:What is your delivery charge?

A:We provide FREE delivery for

    -Peninsular Malaysia purchase RM115 and above

    -Sabah & Sarawak purchase RM150 and above

  Postage charge:

    -RM6 for Peninsular Malaysia purchase less than RM115

    -RM9 for Sabah & Sarawak purchase less than RM150